Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tagged by cik cikin

1)Your hp model?
n95+nokia 7610+sony E T610

2)How many times did your hp get tortured by you?

3)Which part of your hp you hate most and why?
msg inbox..suda 5000 lebey..i seorg pemalas "delete" msg...

4)Which part of your hp you like most and why?
GPS.senang untuk i jalan2..hahaha

5)What icon do you like most?

6)What else to change to become a perfect hp?
iphone 3G apple yg bawu plzz..hahaha

7)You need a handphone becouse?
msg2 ngan mr jjq..itu penting..wahahaha

8)Who bought this handphone for you?
diri sendiri kecuali nokia 7610..rahsia..haha

9)With the total amount of your hp price,what could you buy others than hp?
shopping! or new lense!hee

10)Is your hp model in the market?

11)Describe yourself as a smart hp user?

12)How often do you charge your hp?
i tk blh tgk bat bar 2 ilang 1..that means i slalu la charge hp..dlm keta juga..hee

13)Estimate,how long could your hp survive?
ade duit lebey..i akan bli itu iphone!hahaha

14)Actually are you interested in hp?
no!skang umo semakin meningkt..pkai yg ade elok i nk gak la iphone tuh..wahahaha

15)Are you happy with your hp condition now?

16)Every moning,what is the first thing u do with your hp?
taip morning msg tuk mr JJQ..:)

17)Imagine someone takes your hp away for 1 day..what would happens?
akan ku ketuk2 kpala dea pkai spanar!dasyat tak?hahaha

18)No hp no life,agree or bullshit?
yes!tp cm ne org zaman dulu idop kn?hee

19)Tag 6 sexy?? phone users
*cik put3
*cik fara tara
*semua cik kt msia boley wat ok!hahahaha

sekian terima kaseh!



onthespot said...


mizzsyaidris said...

huhu gak..hahaha

mR. nuar said...

cik sya i nk fon..
i gune public pon jew..
line 3g susah nk dpt lorh..

Aiza Aidid said...

byk hp ko sya..
klh ak..hahaha ;p

mizzsyaidris said...

yup..sejak2 bisneswoman ni...hahaha

onthespot said...

ramainye nak kol die....