Thursday, December 3, 2009


"for some kind of reason..
i found all the reasons again
to live
to love
to continue to give what i have
to a special girl
that come into my life..
how can i ever says that I LOVE HER
if everything that i am doing doesn't seem enough
not even close to what I am feeling
deeply in my heart
u really are the one...
that stole my heart
and completely own it"

by amin aizuddin maharam

p/s: haiyooo :P..lobiu too :P


suezensuzanna said...

haiyoo...lob u too!

onthespot said...

aiyooo..sue nak bermadu ngan cik sya ke :D

suezensuzanna said...

hah...sha??bnrkn x???

Cik Akma said...

ehem2. ewahhh hihi :D

mizzsyaidris said...

sue: tk benar kan!hahahahaha