Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Man I Met

I met a man in my midst of serenity
Making me out of my way
He showed me, this is life should be
A life which I thought, that is always free.

Knowing him was really wrong
But in some ways, he made me strong
Fate has really played on me
Making me ask, why it should be me?

I met a man in my midst of confusion
He was there, letting me out of my apprehensions
Life is really unpredictable
That I realized I am so vulnerable.

I want him to always stay with me
But sadly, it just can't be
He has to be on his way
"And I have to be where I was before", that's what I say.

I met a man and he may be a mistake
Losing him, I may not be able to take
If letting him go would be his wish
There's nothing I can do, but to say 'yes'.

Maybe there's a place where we can be together
Maybe somewhere, there's a forever
Time may let the feelings forget
But it can always be remember that once in my life:
there was this man that I met.


redmonollysum said...

sya, i love this one. u buat sndiri? nice.. oh btw, i da link u. hehe.

mizzsyaidris said...

bukan la..

i copy n paste


oyait..thnks darl